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A News Site for Patriots

Hello fellow patriots. This site is being set up in order to have a news site that is for patriots by patriots. We have learned that traditional news has no longer been willing to be patriot. They will hide behind being politicly correct and refuse to report the hard blunt truth. We are willing to report the truth as it is and not hide behind words without action. We believe in firmly being patriotic through both our words and actions not just during election seasons or when bills are being passed instead, we believe in being patriotic day in and day out in all that we do. We are proud to be American and live in this nation that stands above all else. 

We hope you choose to subscribe to our posts to get a truly patriotic viewpoint on issues and events. Feel free to comment down bellow to give us suggestions on what you want us to cover and comments you have about this new site. 


  1. I want you to share viewpoints from both political sides, not just one extreme. Neither extreme is fully correct, and I value the perspective of all. If someone only shares the far right or far left viewpoint, they are only sharing a biased viewpoint rather than the "blunt hard truth". I want all perspectives. The facts are usually somewhere in the middle.

  2. Who is running this page 😂😂 go back to college, take a grammar and writing class, get your facts checked, and then come back and start a newsletter for your mom and dad to read. This is hilarious tho.

    1. Grammar isn't as important as getting the point across.


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